With some of the driest climatic areas in Australia is prone to serious bushfire attack. In various areas throughout the state, certain building projects must comply with enhanced building standards to better protect them should a bushfire occur.


If you are planning on building a new steel structure on your property, then we highly recommend you contact a local building certifier, as it will be likely that you will require council approval for your new structure. Your building certifier will be able to inform you should you require planning and building approval, and ensure your building complies with the Building Code of Australia – which would include any specific bushfire construction requirements that may apply to your property.


When building a shed in a bushfire-prone area, you will need to look at various components, such as:

  • Walls – should be constructed with non-combustible material like Colorbond 
  • Flooring – should be enclosed with non-combustible material
  • Eaves
  • Gutters and Downpipes – install leaf guards and made of non-combustible material.
  • External doors and windows (protected by metal screens)

Small issues like gaps in the eaves could present a huge fire risk, as embers can easily get into your shed, potentially causing a major catastrophe. Additionally, floors that are raised should be enclosed with non-combustible material.

Your building will need to comply with the standards as set out by the BCA and AS 3959. Other factors that may be taken into consideration is the distance from the main dwelling and your new shed, it’s location and overall risk.

You can further protect your steel building by storing chemicals and flammable items in the appropriate climates. If they are not intended for your shed, then please don’t store them in your shed.

Additionally, by keeping your garden at bay, and cleaning your gutters often to ensure dead leaves and debris are removed, could also reduce the risk. Sealants for gaps will help you protect your steel building from the threat of embers entering your steel structure.

If you live in an area that is prone to bushfires, then it is your responsibility to contact your local council to see what is required for you to build a new shed, garage, or kit home on your property.

The team at Garage Wholesalers believes that prevention is paramount when it comes to the safety of your home and family.

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